Looking at Earth from space, we see a small blue marble floating, protected only by a thin atmospheric layer. We humans are all crew members on spaceship Earth and it is up to us to take good care of our planet and each other. Next Nature is a Future Lab that explores this cooperation and imagines a future for the planetary whole. We investigate the impact of technology on people and the planet.

Technology is everywhere and part of our existence as humans- we can't live without it. It evolves along with us, becoming our next nature. But what could this mean for our possible futures? We explore this through projects that collaborate between scientists, artists, philosophers, designers and publicists.

VR Time Machine

VR Time Machine by Next Nature Network

Everyone has dreamed about time travel. Would you go back in history, or forward in time? How far in time would you like to go? Next Nature has created a VR Time Machine that sends you far ahead in time, not 10, 100 or 1000 years, but billions of years ahead into the future. You travel to the end of the earth, the solar system and the beginning of everything.

During the workshop in NEMO Studio you will step on board this time machine.